We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.  

- Maya Angelou


Individual Therapy


Dr. Gates works with adults who are looking to deepen their understanding about themselves, their family relationships and how their life experiences (as well as their identities) have shaped who they have become. Many people find themselves overwhelmed in relational dynamics, searching for their authentic selves. Others feel that their lives have halted due to Grief or Trauma and are looking for a healing path through their pain. Dr. Gates believes that it can be difficult to understand and  heal ourselves on our own and that a trusting client-focused therapeutic relationship can provide a space that allows a deep human exchange with safe professional guidance.


Dr. Gates has extensive training in college counseling. She primarily works with undergraduate and graduate students, including international students, who are experiencing difficulties adjusting and are processing the dynamics of their family and culture of origin. Many students struggle with a sense of belonging and are trying to figure out who they are to create a meaningful path into adulthood. 

Group Therapy

  • Grief/Bereavement Group
    • This group is for those who are looking to share and manage their bereavement and grief process. The loss of a loved one can feel deeply overwhelming and to find a dedicated grieving space is often close to impossible as our world keeps moving at such a high speed all around us. (The group is offered twice a year and meets weekly on Thursday evenings for  8-10 weeks).

  • Trauma Survivor Support Group
    • This small group is intended to offer a safe space to share the impact of Trauma (on the brain and the body) and to help participants learn specific skills to manage their symptoms. (The group is offered twice a year and meets weekly on Thursday evenings for  8-10 weeks).

  • Stepmother Support Group
    • This ongoing monthly support group is for stepmothers to share their experiences, support one another, and to learn how to navigate difficult stepfamily dynamics. (The group meets Wednesday mornings from 9am-10:15am)

(Step)family Therapy and Consulting

Stepfamilies and each member of the many complex stepfamily systems continue to be underserved by society and  the mental health community. Dr. Gates is a certified Stepfamily Foundation Coach and has researched and written about stepmothers' experiences in joint custody stepfamilies; it is her experience that stepfamily members are in great need for support and therapy services by mental health professionals who understand that working with stepfamilies and remarried couples is very different from working with first-families or first-marrieds. Dr. Gates offers individual stepfamily therapy, stepcouple/remarried couple therapy, group therapy for stepmothers, and general consultation for anyone who is affected by the challenging dynamics of a stepfamily. 

Please reach out for more information regarding other Family Counseling Services, including Child Therapy, Couple Therapy, and Parenting Consultation.

Languages: English and German